29 Ocak 2008 Salı

Health Benefits of Yoga

Practitioners of yoga talk about a unification of the body, mind and spirit acquired through practicing the yoga exercises and techniques.

One of the fundamental beliefs that yoga practitioners share is that the mind and body are a unified structure. This structure can find its harmony and it can heal itself when given a proper environment. Many doctors recommend yoga for helping a wide variety of health conditions.

Yoga is not a recent philosophy and has been practiced for thousands of years. Studies have been done in order to establish the areas in which people can obtain health benefits by an extended practice. The information obtained suggests that yoga may impart improvements in physiological, psychological, and biochemical health.

From the physiological point of view, prolonged yoga practices can help pulse rate, respiratory and blood pressure dysfunction, contribute to stabilizing the nervous system, normalize gastrointestinal functions, normalize endocrine function, increase joint range of motion, increase endurance, enhance energy levels, increase immunity to diseases, improve cardiovascular efficiency, improve eye-hand coordination, reaction time, dexterity skills, depth perception, sleep, and more.

The studies of psychological benefits suggest that yoga can contribute to enhancing somatic and kinesthetic awareness, self-acceptance and self-actualization, social skills, well-being, as well as improving concentration, memory, attention, mood, learning efficiency, symbol coding, etc.

As for the biochemical benefits of yoga, there have been reports of decreases in glucose, sodium, cholesterol, total white blood cell counts and increases of vitamin C, total serum protein, and hemoglobin. Studies have also revealed that yoga exercises are effective at increasing joint flexibility and lubrication of joints, ligaments and tendons. Another interesting aspect has to do with the fact that yoga is one of the very few techniques which contributes to massaging all the internal organs and glands. This includes the glands that are hardly ever stimulated in this way, such as the prostate. The stimulation and massaging of the internal organs proves to be beneficial when it comes to preventing disease.

These ancient and efficient techniques ease the detoxification of the body. While stretching the muscles and performing a thorough massage, yoga ensures the optimum movement of blood and fluids that your body needs. Consequently, toxins are eliminated from your body and certain undesired processes, such as aging, can be delayed.

All the benefits presented above come in addition to the most important aspects provided by yoga practices; the harmony and synchronization between body and mind, strengthening your meditation and balancing your emotions.

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